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For the month of March, we have been supporting the YoungMinds charity, to help raise awareness for child and adolescent mental health.

How often does someone tell you that you are special? How often do you appreciate your own little quirks, rather than just your grades or your abilities? We think not enough. It is said that around 80,000 young people suffer with severe forms of depression, this figure is quite frankly astounding and is definitely something we feel passionate about trying to reduce. Obviously, this is a major illness and huge amounts of money is being spent in order to try and cure it. However, we are Project Small Change and believe in the little things that help people.

Our project

Therefore, this month our idea was to help those around us, during a busy term at school. Our friends are stressed, sleep deprived and often a little under the weather; so we wanted to help! We left little notes in peoples’ purses/books/pencil cases etc for them to find, which simply stated a reason as to why they are special, because everyone is. We know that such a small gesture can really brighten someone’s day, and we hope that you can find the time to do something similar for those around you. Sometimes charity isn’t about money, but about taking the time out of your own life and thinking of someone else, even if it’s just for the length of time it takes you to write a note.


YoungMinds charity is a leading mental health organisation within the UK with a vision to help improve the emotional well-being and mental health of thousands of children and adolescents. They aspire to promote a society capable of conditioning the emotional resilience of young people, this is something that resonates with ProjectSmallChange. To find out more about the charity, we recommend having a look at their fabulous website ( ).

We hope you will get involved and spread some happiness!

Thanks for reading,

Eleanor and Livii.


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