Fight for Feminism

Hello everyone!!

For the month of April we will be following the theme of gender equality and as the title suggests, fighting for feminism. This is something, as girls we take pride in, and we hope that you will actively participate in our ideas for the coming month! Although many of you may not think about women’s rights because you feel unaffected by the lack of justice towards women, however, there are still several countries in the world, where women are still unable to purchase their own properties, vote or even wear what they want. Obviously we can’t change all these issues ourselves but we want to try and make a small difference. We have many ideas for this month including donations, spreading awareness and getting friends involved! So if you believe in gender equality and want to help them to achieve this, please keep reading our blog! We will be doing several posts this month with different ways in which you can help women!

Women’s rights – In the 21st century, have we achieved gender equality?

The United Nations Women’s Treaty was implemented several decades ago, this was supposed to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women, to give women the equal right to participate in their nations political and public life. Many decades from the time of the treaty, it’s sad to say, not much has changed. Worldwide, there are cases of female injustice everyday. In Africa, where female genital mutilation is still a prevalent practice. Another huge problem that our society is attempting to tackle today is human trafficking, especially the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation, it is estimated that 700,000 people are trafficked  each year, although we do not know precisely how many of them are women, we can be sure that a large percentage are women. In Saudi Arabia, woman are not allowed to drive. Yemeni women are the least empowered women in the world. In Nepal, if a women is raped or assaulted, their perpetrators will not be punished, not even arrested! These are just some example of extreme discrimination towards women throughout the world that really highlight how big an issue it really is. Surely, we would’ve reached a point of gender equality by now? No, although there are signs of progress, there is still an almost 10% pay gap between women and men today. Our fight for gender equality must continue, in the hope that our future generations will live in a society where women and men are treated as equals.

Gender Equality

It is important to us that we don’t come across as ‘man haters’, we believe in gender equality. The equal rights for both men AND women. A society where people are not discriminated based on their gender.

“We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.”
Gloria Steinem 

Thank you for reading,

Eleanor and Livii.


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