Bra Recycling


Hello everybody!

Following the theme of this month, we thought about focusing on something which can be a woman’s support, their best friend, their confidence booster… their bra.

Our Project

So this month, myself and Eleanor have decided to collect together those old bras that sit in the draw, those that we wish still fit but no longer do and those that have had their time. We thought about what we could do with them, as many normal charity shops will not accept underwear of any kind. Then we came across the Bra Recycling ( )

Cancer Research

We hope that by doing this, we can raise awareness for breast cancer. The first symptom of breast cancer for many women is a lump in their breast. But many women have breast lumps and 9 out of 10 (90%) are benign. That means they are not cancers. There are many things we would not know about breast cancer if it weren’t for charities like CancerResearch. Even though this is mainly an issue for the ladies, we must not forget that men can get breast cancer too!! If you would like to find out more about CancerResearch and the work they do, check out their website. ( )

Again, this is something that is easy to do and, let’s face it, probably needs doing. We may not be able to help the huge numbers of people who are unfortunately suffering from this horrible disease. However, even if we just inspire one person to donate to this important charity, we believe it is worthwhile.

Thank you for reading and we hope you will get bra recycling!

Eleanor and Livii


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