Operation: Livii’s Hair Donation



So our very first post is going to be a little bit of a throwback, to the end of summer last year. On the 18th of August ’14, came the day when I (Livii) would chop of around 14 inches of my hair all in the name of charity (I’m not crazy, promise).

What made me compelled to do it?

Late 2013, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and her chemotherapy started almost immediately. Routine hospital appointments became the norm. When her hair began to fall out, she wanted to obtain a wig. We were fortunate to find that the hospital had their own wig centre just for the patients. After trying many on, we decided on one that looked most natural. Whilst paying for the wig, the lady told me how they use real human hair to make their wigs, and they rely on people to donate their hair. My hands immediately reached up to touch my own very long hair that I’d been blessed with. My first reaction to her suggesting I could donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust where they make wigs for children was ‘absolutely not, never in a million years.’ But after giving it more thought when I returned home, it only seemed like the most reasonable and fulfilling thing to do.

How JustGiving helped my cause.

After deciding what I was going to do, I came up with the idea of donating my hair to The Little Princess Trust, and getting people to sponsor me money to give to The Christie hospital where my mum was being treated. The only way I could efficiently do this was through JustGiving. The powers of the internet are honestly limitless! JustGiving is a fabulous platform that can help anybody to donate amounts of money, no matter how big or small!

The Christie Hospital

They specialise in cancer treatment, research and education and treat around 44,000 cancer patients a year. Their research has come such a long way in the past few years and your donations could help them to finally find a cure for such a horrible disease. They will of course accept and appreciate any donations, whether its £1 or £50!

The Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment. It is such a wonderful cause so if you are as brave as Livii and thousands of other people, you could do something and donate! For more information you can always visit their website http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk

How you can help

There are hundreds of different ways in which you can get involved in these wonderful charities and make your own donation (and it doesn’t have to involve cutting off your hair-like my beautiful best friend, Livii). Donating to Christie’s is honestly so worthwhile, and now that we are at the stage where we can say around half of people survive cancer, there’s no better time than now to donate. You can find out more about it here www.christie.nhs.uk

Thank you for reading!

Eleanor and Livii


A Small Introduction

Hello everyone!

I suppose we should start by introducing ourselves! We are two best friends called Eleanor and Olivia and we came up with an idea to help. We want to create a blog about our charity work to hopefully inspire people to do more charity work themselves by showing the vast number of creative ways that you can help those around you. We will hopefully try to do a different type of charity event each month, for example making hot drinks and food for the homeless around our city or simply baking cakes to sell to friends. We also would like to give to as many different types of charities as possible, from animal charities to those for teenagers. Hopefully, we’ll be able to introduce you to some new causes and bring awareness to problems that you may be unfamiliar with.

We really believe that it is the small things that add up to do something amazing, and so we are all about the small change. We may not raise as much money as huge fundraising events like Children in Need, but we want to do all we can and hopefully encourage you to do that as well.

We already have numerous ideas to get on with, but if you have any to add we would love to know!

I hope you enjoy reading our blog and feel inspired to start making small changes too.

Livii and Eleanor